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Default Getting a concealed Carry Permit in Monterey County

Getting a Conceal Carry Permit in Monterey County, is not currently hard. It takes some effort mostly in the form of patiently waiting for other people to tell you what to do next. You can bypass some of this by knowing what to do yourself and just getting things done, in advance of the request by whoever or whomever may ask.

The list of things you will need is as follows:
1) Handgun Safety Certificate
2) A Handgun
3) A DMV printout that covers the last 5 years
4) A filled out Application for CCW
5) A Psych Evaluation
6) A home inspection
7) A Firearms qualification for each Gun you want on the permit

Order of Battle:
I am listing exactly the best order you should do these things in. You can of course go in any order you wish, but if you do this, you will have the shortest wait time.

A) Unless you buy a large number of handguns, the Safety Certificate will likely have expired since your last purchase. The Safety Cert test is given at gun store. It costs $20.00 to take the test.

B) Find the gun you want to carry. Most people who are thinking about carrying a gun figure they will carry the one they have, except most people's first gun is a large automatic pistol that is heavy and hard to drop into your suit pocket on the way to the Walmart and not look like your storming Normandy. I recommend any J-Frame hammerless revolver or small capacity
automatic. Size and weight almost is a bigger factor than caliber and stopping power.

It takes a minimum of 15 days to get the gun and you will need info off the gun for permit application (Item 4 above).

Note: If you wish to add a gun down the road. It costs 10.00 to add one to your permit, and 50.00 to qualify (Item 7 above). Your CCW allows a maximum of 3 firearms at one time.
Under no circumstances, Should you progress to CCW permit without having at least 1 firearm in your possession.

C) You are going to need to know your driving record, complete with infraction citation numbers, for the last 5 years for the application. Unless you having a meticulous driving record, or a great memory, I'd advise getting one from the DMV. NO AAA does not provide these. Your insurance company can fax you one for free if you call them as well.
COST: $5.00 (Cash, Credit, or Check)
TIME: However long it takes to get through the line at DMV.
Location: Any DMV office.

D) Download Application from:
Fill out the application and call 755-3829 and make an appointment to get fingerprinted and turn in the application. Make the appointment for a date before you take your psych evaluation test (See item E below). The reason for this is simple. If you are told to "Buzz off" at this stage, it would be nice not to waste money taking the psych test.

E) Call 408-356-9696 and make appt for Psych evaluation test. Be sure to set the appointment for AFTER the fingerprint and application turn in (Item 4 above) that way if your declined outta th box, you haven't wasted a bunch of time and money.

F) Call 831Shooter at 831-402-4323 and make an appointment for Gun Qualification. This appointment should also be made for after the application
Turn in (Item 4 above) for the same reasons. You can call others for qualification on the gun if you wish, I just used this guy so I happen to have his number handy.

G) Assuming all appoints now have been made. You will now be waiting for the first item to come up. This really needs to be the CCW Application turn In and Fingerprinting. You will also be interviewed by a member of the Sheriffs Department at this time. Make a good impression, he is the guy who gets to determine if you'll be getting a CCW permit or not.
Cost: $133.00 (Check or Credit)
Time: 2 hours
Location: Monterey County Sheriffs Dept
1414 Natividad road (Left of jail)
Salinas, CA
Ph: Varies (Get from sheriff at CCW application interview)

H) We will, for simplicity in writing, assume the psych eval appointment is next. It is not important if it is before, or after the firearms training (Item 7 above) so this item (Item H) and (Item I) can come in whichever order is easier with regards to the scheduling of appointments.
Now, the Psych Eval. This is far and away the biggest pain in the ass you will have to endur. You will need to go to Los Gatos as that is the closest location, sit in an uncomfortable chair, during a work day, and do 5 tests. 3 are between 400 and 500 questions each. 1 test is timed and takes 12 minutes. 1 test is a verbal Interview by the Psychologist. It costs 150.00 CASH. No checks, no credit cards, no ATMs, no change provided. 150.00 in greenback dollars. You can't study for the test as it is a psych test.
Cost: 150.00 (Cash only)
Time: 6 hours
Location: LEPS
15251 National Ave
Los Gatos, CA
Ph: 408-356-9696

I) Firearms Training. As with all the other items on the "To-Do" list, this will require a reservation. It is done on a Saturday and/or Sunday and will absolutely take all day. You will need to bring the gun(s) you intend to qualify on as well as a box of bullets for each. Also, have whatever you intend to conceal the gun in as well. This can be a gun bag, holster, special Firearms designed clothing, or whatever. You will also need to be able to transport the weapon in something that can be locked so be ready for that, if, as I did, you have thrown away the lockable gun box that your pistol came in.
Cost: 175.00 (cash or check)
Time: 12 hours
Location: 831Shooter (operating out of Wassen cleaning)
455 Reservation Rd
Marina, CA
Ph: 831-402-4323

J) At some point you will be contacted by the Sheriff who interviewed you during the CCW permit application and Fingerprinting (Item 4 above). He will want to come by and see the house and will be interviewing your neighbors, so be ready for problems if your neighbors think your a lunatic. This costs nothing and takes very little time. You need not have your guns available for examination or anything. Though, it may not be a bad idea to have them sequred in gunsafe/box/drawer anyway.
Cost: 0.00 (Nothing)
Time: 1 hour
Location: Your House.

K) Lastly, assuming everything went okay, you will, at some point, receive a call indicating youve either been approved or declined a permit. If declined, well...welcome to California, you can apply again next year and go through all this again. I believe you will not need to requalify however. So there is some savings.
If you are approved you will need to go down to the Monterey County Sheriffs Department where you turned in the application, and pick up permit.
Cost: 80.00 (Check/ATM)
Time: 1 hour
Location: Monterey County Sheriffs Dept
1414 Natividad road (Left of jail)
Salinas, CA
Ph: Varies (Get from sheriff at CCW application interview)
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