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Default Applying For A CCW License In Orange County

At the end of this post you will find a list of links to CCW information on the Orange County Sheriff's Department website. If you need that information only, scroll down.

To receive a CCW License in Orange County you must pay the requisite fees, be fingerprinted, pass state and federal background checks, receive 16 hours of training from an approved CCW trainer, have your weapon or weapons (max 3) inspected by Sheriff's Department personnel, and, most importantly, establish good cause for issuance of the license.

While the Orange County Sheriff's Department's criteria for issuance of a CCW License are reasonable, the county is not 'shall issue'. You need to be able to articulate a 'good cause' for issuance. The desire for personal protection is not sufficient. However, many people who may think otherwise can demonstrate good cause. Members here who have been through the process can assist you in fine tuning your good cause statement, but the bottom line is this--the good cause you state must be your own, and must be a truthful expression of your circumstances. We will not help you manufacture a good cause statement. So read these next words carefully:

Lying on your application is a crime.

Now that you've been scared straight, let's revisit a point made earlier. You may not even know that you already have good cause for issuance of a CCW. Your occupation may put you at sufficient risk. You may transport valuable property frequently. There are a number of factors which can influence your good cause statement. Experienced members here can help you identify those.

If you need assistance reviewing your good cause statement, post a request in the 'Getting Started' Forum. One or more experienced members will contact you via Private Message to discuss. DO NOT POST YOUR GOOD CAUSE STATEMENT IN THE FORUM.

When you are ready to apply you will make an appointment with the Professional Standards Division of the Sheriff's Department to turn in your paperwork and be interviewed. The interview is a chance for you to articulate your good cause. Notes will be taken at this interview to justify your request for a CCW License. It is recommended that you provide the interviewer a written copy of your good cause statement so reference can be made to it should that be necessary.

Once you have applied and been interviewed, Sheriff's Department staff will review your request. Depending on your good cause, and any documentation you provide, you can hear a decision in as little as a week. It has been known to take MUCH longer. Be patient. After two weeks you might want to call to check on the status of your application. If you are approved you will receive a letter stating 'Approved For Further Processing'. If you have made it this far and have NO criminal record, you will likely sail through the rest of the process. You will make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken electronically (LiveScan), and these will be transmitted to the California Department Of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Getting results back can take time. Anywhere from weeks to months. Again, be patient.

During this time if you are CERTAIN you have no criminal record that will disqualify you, sign up for your CCW training. ONLY get trained by someone authorized by the Sheriff's Department. They will give you a list you can refer to. Members here can point you to respected trainers.

When your training is done and you get notification from Professional Standards Division that your background check is complete and you passed, make your appointment with the Sheriff's Department Armory (the phone number will be included in your approval letter) to have your weapons inspected. The Armory only inspects weapons on Mondays and Tuesdays. Make certain they are clean and in good working order. Take them there UNLOADED in a locked case with at least one EMPTY magazine so that function checks can be completed. If your trigger pull is below 4 lbs, your weapon will likely not pass. If you have laser sights/grips, you will need to remove them.

After your weapons have been inspected and you have the report stating so from the armory, make an appointment to take it (NOT YOUR WEAPONS) to the Professional Standards Division. Here you will pay any final fees and your CCW License will be typed up. Check it before leaving. Make sure the serial numbers match the list from the armory. Make sure your name, address, and all other information is correct.

Then congratulate yourself for making it through the process!

Maps To Professional Standards Division and Armory

Map To OCSD Armory. Zoom in and out as necessary. The Armory is on the second floor of the OCSD Firing Range Building directly below the green arrow.

Orange County Sheriff's Department Website Links For CCW Information

CCW Requirements

Initial Application Process

Renewal Process

Terms Of License

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicable Weapon Laws

Contacting OCSD

Courtesy of More Cowbell

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